May 20th-21st, Sheffield

COVID-19 Statement: Due to the ongoing restrictions imposed in response to the novel coronavirus, this conference will now not take place.

Collective decision-making is the subfield of collective behaviour concerned with how groups reach decisions. […] We argue for deep parallels between understanding decisions made by individuals and by groups[.]

Bose, T., Reina, A. Marshall, J. A. R. (2017) Collective decision-makingCurrent Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 16: 30-34.

The Collective Decision-Making Conference will bring together theoretical and empirical researchers into decision-making in diverse systems, from single-celled organisms, via brains, to groups of humans and other animals, to identify common principles.

The conference will comprise invited plenary talks, and contributed posters. The plenary speakers are

Alfonso Pérez-EscuderoUniversité Paul Sabatier
Andrea BaronchelliCity University
Ariana Strandburg-PeshkinMax Planck Institute for Ornithology
Audrey DussutourUniversité Paul Sabatier
Bahador BahramiMax Planck Insitute for Human Development
Catalina VichUniversitat de les Illes Balears
Edmund HuntUniversity of Bristol
Elva RobinsonUniversity of York
Gonzalo de PolaviejaChampalimaud Institute for the Unknown
Iain CouzinMax Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour
James Herbert-ReadUniversity of Cambridge
Jens KrauseLebniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries
Naomi LeonardPrinceton University
Ralf KurversMax Planck Insitute for Human Development
Richard MannUniversity of Leeds
Roderich GrossUniversity of Sheffield
Simon GarnierNew Jersey Institute for Technology
Takao SasakiUniversity of Georgia
Vaibhav SrivastavaMichigan State University
Yara KhalufGhent University

Registration is now open.